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At First for Sports we are very lucky to have received many positive testimonials. Below are just a few. Many thanks for all your kind words.


Tony Reading, Chairman of Governors. Sandy Lane Primary School.
Letter about FFS coach - Jim Medford - at Sandy Lane Primary School. "The Governors and I, personally, want you to be aware how much we value all you have done and thank you for your ongoing commitment" continued ...

Mortimer St. Johns testimonial

Head teacher Mortimer St John's Infant school.
"We are writing to express our gratitude at the service provided by First for Sports and, in particular, Gareth Edwards" continued ...

Mortimer St. Johns testimonial

Comments from parents of Mortimer St. Johns Infant School children about the First for Sports P.E. breakfast club sessions (Spring 2014) :

"Ellis says he has enjoyed football and learning new rules of other games and has asked if he will be doing  them again"

"Isobel says she has enjoyed using the parachute in team games", and says "I like playing games when we stand on coloured spots"

" Thomas really enjoys P.E now.  He is more confident in other ways.  He showed Grandma all he has learnt.  Thomas would like to thank Mr Edwards [First for Sports coach and co-owner] for making P.E such fun".  Daniel never complains about going.  Thank you Mr Edwards for all your hard work"

" Amelie says she particularly likes the washing machine activity and practicing her balancing. Amelie would like to tell Mr Edwards [First for Sports coach and co-owner] she likes the fact that he helps her to get fit!"

"Joshua says he has enjoyed doing a variety of sports and skills in a smaller group and says please can we do them again".

"Libby says she has really enjoyed warming up at the start and being part of a team and Mr Edwards makes the sessions fun and knows a lot about sport"

"Daniel says he enjoyed playing the football and Hockey matches, loved the pirate game and the variety of sports but found the balancing, hopping and jumping a bit boring!  Daniel absolutely loved these P.E extra sessions thank you so much."


Head Teacher (Highwood Primary School) speaks about First for Sports ...
'First for Sports have supported sports development at Highwood for over 2 years. They have been instrumental in improving pupils' attitudes to sport, sporting ability and have reduced the schools staffing costs.
As First for Sports staff are experienced coaches, who have worked with pupils of all ages, they have very good classroom and behaviour management skills. This enables staff to be released to work on school improvement as their classes learn new skills, from traditional sports to Zumba and Parkour.
The Directors of First for Sports have a very good understanding of the National Curriculum for PE and are able to provide bespoke coaches for whatever sporting need you may have.
Our parents are very pleased with First for Sports, and the increased emphasis on sports has resulted in better parental engagement. This year, largely due to the work carried out by First For Sports, our school has been awarded the Wokingham Schools Best Primary School For Sport award at the annual Sporting achievements ceremony at Bearwood College. First For Sports were also nominated in the "Best Coach" category.
The company has childrens' interests at heart; they are flexible and affordable. With funding cuts hitting us all, First for Sports provide a good service that enables schools to release staff while improving the outcomes for pupils'

Gareth O'Shea. (Head Teacher, Highwood Primary School)


"Big congrat's to you all . First for Sports are doing so well".
Debbie Bale. (Teaching assistant and parent)


"MANY, many Congratulations to the WHOLE team on your Wokingham award/nominations...MUCH ALL do such a WONDERFUL job!"

Michele Skelton. (Parent)


"We just wanted to say a big thank you to you all for running Calum's party yesterday. Gareth and Alan were fantastic and the kids all loved it - and even the weather was kind to us! If you could pass on our thanks to Gareth and Alan that would be appreciated."
Many thanks and best wishes,

Rowan and David Pearce. (Parents)


"Just thought I should let you know that Tom left Keep Hatch in July last year so is no longer eligible to do these clubs. He got so much out of your clubs and enjoyed them immensely. Thank you all for everything you have done and taught him during your sessions. Happy New Year.

Steve Mayers. (Parent)


Hi Alan
….. how well you spoke and encouraged the children and then to how well the children behaved and responded to you.
…… received a further flurry of positive comments for First for Sports.
It was so nice to be at a inter schools event and hear about Highwood in such a positive way.
I like many others are looking forward to seeing [First for Sports] at more events in the future.

Peter Jacobs
Chair Of Governors
Highwood School & Organiser Woodley Carnival, Berks.


Hi Alan
If you had seen Tomas last year and the difference this year with his involvement in sports...he is just a transformed little boy!!!
I hope this is a good example of how sports can influence kids lives positively:-))

Kind regards
Woodley, Berks.


Dear Alan

We just wanted to say a huge thank you for selecting Tom as the best boy on the course at the breakfast club course at Keep Hatch School... I can't tell you just what this means for Tom. It is going to do wonders for his self-esteem and confidence. It would take us a lot longer to achieve a similar result using the techniques we use at home. Tom really enjoys attending the course and can't wait until it starts up again.

Once again many, many thanks

[Parents], Wokingham, Berks.


Thank you again for a great party. I expected it to be good but it easily surpassed that and was really excellent!

Many thanks
Mrs King

Mortimer, Berks.


Hi First for Sports,

Just wanted to say a big thank you for the party you did for my 5 year old son. You managed the whole process very well and the party was very stress free for me. Not bad when entertaining fifteen 4-5 year olds! I have had very positive feedback from other parents on the format of the party. The children all seemed to really enjoy the sports themed games and I felt this worked very well for this age group rather than more specific sports coaching. Thank you most of all for listening to what I wanted and providing a brilliant party.

Mrs Audsley
Mortimer, Berks.


Dear Alan,
Just wanted to say “thank you” again. That was such a nice touch you making the effort to come round tonight and present Callum with the T-shirt. He has had some confidence issues and you have just given him the biggest confidence boost ever and made his parents feel very proud! Will definitely book the boys in again over Easter. Keep me on your mailing list.

Kindest Regards
Woodley, Berks.


Hi Alan,

The First for Sports team have been absolutely brilliant! The children have developed skills in P.E. in games, multi-skills and athletics. All the children have been engaged in the activities to choose from and enthused to become better at sports. We have had nothing but positive feedback from all staff through Foundation Stage to Year 2; 'inspirational' and 'energetic' being some of many words chosen to describe the First for Sports team. Thank you!

H Fleet
PE Co-ordinator, Mortimer St Johns, Berks.